Within The Walled City of Fes el Bali.

Fes el Bali was the capital city of Idrisid dynasty between  789 AD and 808 AD. It is the oldest walled part of Fez, Morroco. This unique tourists destination includes Fes el Bali’s urban fabric and walls, it was listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1981.

Majority of the first inhabitants of Fes el Bali are refugees fleeing from war in Cordoba, the modern-day Spain. Until 1912, when French Colonial rule was instituted over Morocco, Fez used to be the power centre of the country: a popular merchant city.

Today, Fes el Bali attracts the attention of tourists because of its historical heritage in fabrics making and other beautiful monuments that surround the city. Fez starts with long and winding fortified enclosures that protect the city.

Within the walled city are historic monuments like madrasas, tanneries, notable funduq ( traditional inns) like the Funduq al-Najjarin (Nejjarine Museum of Wooden Arts and Crafts), Batha museum, and Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque-University.
If you visit Fes el  Bali today, you would definitely want to see the Chouara leather tanneries and  Madrasa al-Attarine, one of the most richly-decorated historic madrasas in Fez. Another unique thing that draws people to the ancient city is its mind-blowing architecture.

A walk through the city of Fes brings you in touch with nature’s beauty enclosed within its wall. It’s a place you should visit at least once before you leave this planet.

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