This video explains what I call, do what you know how to do, what you are known for, what you ought to do right, but don’t make it boring, make it fun and vibrant.

Characterized by vast lands and one of the largest populations in the world, Africa is a continent that is filled with exceptional and unique human heritage and diversity. And a way in which the richly diverse continent communicates with the world is their fashion and dressing. Africa’s contribution to fashion reflects its vibrant and colourful heritage.

The richness and diversity of Africa’s culture not only varies from culture to culture but also within regions, countries and ethnic groups. The culture of each ethnic group holds together the authentic social fabric of traditional practices and rites, art, music, and oral literature through which identities are built, especially with looks and appearance which owe their praise to the use of ornaments, apparel, fashion style, uniqueness and beauty.

Unarguably, Music and fashion are good examples of the global impact African culture tends to have. The modern fashion industry often borrows very heavily from African culture in the design of the latest fashion trends. Today’s music and fashion industries undoubtedly owe an immense debt of gratitude to Africa’s culture and creativity. It, therefore, becomes evident that the rich culture of Africa has not only contributed but also continues to sustain development in many industries in modern societies.

Each piece and fabric made by Africans goes beyond just wearing clothes. It speaks of and depicts confidence in one’s culture, heritage and being.

Written by: Tomisin Awogbami

Video: wearegcc

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