Uganda is also known as the Pearl of Africa (a name given by Winston Churchill, according to him, “For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for the profusion of brilliant life – bird, insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale – Uganda is truly “the Pearl of Africa”.)

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose diverse landscape encompasses the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains and immense Lake Victoria.

Its abundant wildlife includes chimpanzees as well as rare birds. Remote Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is a renowned mountain gorilla sanctuary. Murchison Falls National Park in the northwest is known for its 43m tall waterfall and wildlife such as hippos.

Check out a few reasons why Uganda is a preferred tourist attraction:

  1. It has a unique terrain
  2. It has abundant vegetation
  3. It has a temperate climate
  4. It has a variety of wildlife
  5. It is a strategic location on the Equator
  6. Opportunity to experience community tourism
  7. Cultural diversity

    Uganda is a beautiful place to visit.

    Credit: Google
    Photos: Forbes, Wikimedia, tripadvisor

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