THE NAMIB SAND SEA: A Place Where River Meets Desert Along Africa’s Atlantic Coast.

You have heard about the 7th wonder of the world. The 8th, 9th, or probably 10th wonder of the world.
Another wonder of the world lies in Africa, it’s the coastal desert of Namibia.

This wonder is located along Africa’s Atlantic coast towards the southwest. The high sand dunes of Namib Desert and the point where the desert meets the sea.

Here are interesting facts about the coastal desert of Namibia.
The Namibia desert is believed to be one of the driest places on this planet. It is not suitable for human habitation. However, a few animals like birds ostriches, antelopes and rodents live there. The animals that survive there have survival mechanisms to live with less water consumption.
It is also called the Namib Desert or the Namib Sand Sea. It’s listed among UNESCO World Heritage Site.

At night, the Namib desert’s temperature can below the freezing level.
It has some fairy rings which some researchers believe are a result of aliens’ activities in the region but there is evidence to support that.

In the unusually heavy monsoon season, when the Tsauchab River flows to the pan. Tourists love to visit Namib during the period to see this amazing work of nature.

You should visit there too.

Credit: Google

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