The MBA of Business (making a difference)

Olatunji B. Alonge is from the backside of the mountain, his words are like a chisel; they put people in shape to be fit for the business. He is a Growth Activator, a Business Engine, and a Nation Builder.

He is a cofounder at Ashirin Tech Solutions (a Fintech Startup, ashirin.com) and the Lead Growth Activator (LGA) at growth.com.ng

Question: What is MBA?

Answer: Management Of Business Administration. MBA

 Who would help us define business

Answer: Business is the arrangements of Ms to achieve a goal. Ms.  = Man, Money, Man, Power, Machines, etc.

The MBA you have come for is as follows…

M – Mind

B – Business Model Innovation

A – Action

We are all in business. At one point or the other as a buyer or a seller… If you buy more and sell less, you are in doing a bad business, have you noticed?

Business is War, don’t raW...

If you are looking for a title… Go to your village and ask if the town crier role is still vacant because business is a battle, not a title.

You are in to fight

You are in to war

You are in to compete

You are in to stay alive

If you don’t win, you are won

And like I said… Either as a buyer or a seller, you are in business… But good to be selling bigger than you are buying


This MBA of Business and my favourite quote for business is…

You don’t start a business, you are a business!


If don’t have mind… If don’t have liver(you know what I mean?), don’t start

Do you have MIND?

Like mind, like business… What you don’t have mind for, you cannot do…

Now see MIND

M – Mature

I – In

N – Nurturing

D – Determination

Do you have this mind?

BUSINESS is the bus commissioned to transport good-ness from one point to the other

Business is needness

Are you needed?

If you think you are not needed as a person… You may find it difficult to do a business that would be needed

Your mind! That is your first business

Your mind is a mine… A refinery and we call a refinery by what it refines…

Like oil refinery refines oil…

Gold mine mines gold

Something is peculiar about mines… Heat. Heat is what turns the useless stone to a precious gold

Your mind is a refinery… Your mind is a mine…

How hot is it?

The temperature of it determines the quality of what will come out of it

If what will come out of it is not needed… The heat level is low. And you know something, you are called by the product of your mind… If trash comes out of it… You are trashed and trash is always a product of low heat level

Failure cannot stop/overtake me because my determination to succeed is strong enough

With your might (power) you might succeed but without your mind (the way you deal with determination you cannot succeed

Things that will win for you…

1. The way you set your mind; mindset

2. The material your mind is made of

Mindset is the only reality that exist

Let me start with material you need to build the right mind…

GEEK; the right mindset material for business

G – Gut

E – Energy

E – Experience

K – Knowledge

That’s the GEEK

You cannot kill a snake without GEEK…

I had Gut to even approach a snake with a stick… Energy that could stamp on the head of a snake to make it die is not a joke. Experience, I had killed snakes before and Knowledge, if I stepped of its tail… There would be trouble.

In doing business, approach every opportunity like a snake that requires GEEK. Build the required mindset for business with these materials.

Types of Mindset…

  1. Waste to Wealth
  2. Greenhouse mindset
  3. Crown not Crowd

If you are left with the option to walk alone or follow the crowd…please walk alone. Never follow the crowd to take your crown position. You need this mindset for business.

Thank You

Session moderated by:

Oluwatomisin Olowoyo, Principal, CSA Academy


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