Popularly known as the Abandoned Movie Theatre or End of the World movie theatre. This mystery theatre is located at foot of a desert Mountain range somewhere on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula.

History has it that the theatre was built at the beginning of the millennium by a Frenchman, Diynn Eadel who loved to smoke cannabis. One day, while hanging out with friends in the Sinai desert, he felt the dry land needed a theatre and decided to create one.

He went to Cairo to get a giant screen that looked like a sail, a giant generator, and 700 old chairs. He built the theatre and all was set for it to show its first movie.

However, his ideas didn’t sit well with the locals, they sabotage the generator the night the first movie was to be shown. No movie was ever screened at the theatre, it was never used. It sits abandoned in the middle of a desert, waiting to serve an audience that might never come.

It became a center of attraction when award-winning Estonia photographer, Kaupa Kikkas found the site, captured it and decided to share the story he gathered about the place.

Painfully, a group of tourists recently found out that the movie theatre has been, according to them β€˜shattered, leveled and destroyed’.Next time you are going to see a movie, remember that somewhere in Egypt there is a movie theatre that never screened a movie.

by: Adekunle Adeniyi

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