PRE 2022 AfPEC 7 (March Academy Masterclass):

Social Media, Content Writing and Marketing Masterclass

“Being a creative, half the time cuts across to people as vague and for you as a creative, you’re stuck in between proving to the public that what you do is fundamental to every career and getting a sustainable living out of what they see as “unprofessional”.

This masterclass will empower you with exceptional ways to improve your skills as a creative, carve your niche, brand yourself and also create a sustainable living out of content writing, social media and marketing.

While your intelligence is having fun, more work and intentionality is essential in giving you unmatched shots in the spotlight.

Our panelists are experts in their fields and have fashioned their perfect moments out of the ordinary ones.

– Leveraging Social Media to generate income
– Content Writing
– Marketing Framework for Money
– Networking etc.

Register here: https://www.cityscopeafrica.com/academy-session-registration/

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