POST 2021 AfPEC 6 (December 2021 Academy Class): Building Africa: Improving demand for locally-made goods & services in Nigeria

“The economy of any nation grows rapidly when locally-made goods are promoted through patronage, first by its people then through export.” – Kayode Ojewale

Join Flora Mbeledeogu at the City Scope Africa Academy (an initiative of City Scope Africa) this month, via Zoom platform, as she takes us on the topic “Building Africa: Improving demand for locally-made goods & services in Nigeria”

Flora Mbeledeogu is the Co-founder/CMO of Gova Industries Limited, an award-winning local footwear brand, passionate about designing handcrafted footwear, bags, and belts. From starting up with the production of footwear for family and friends, Gova now produces footwear, belts, and bags for over 1,000 customers, including corporate individuals and brands in Nigeria.

Her passion is in promoting local content, improving the African economy, and reducing unemployment through skill acquisition training on shoes, belts, and bags. This has led to recognition and awards of excellence in leathercraft.

WATCH HERE: https://youtu.be/3ztI7fn0DNw

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