POST 2020 AfPEC (Sept. 2020 Academy Session): Job Seekers’ battle in the hiring process

Due to weakening economies now and even before, Nigeria – and many other parts of Africa – are experiencing significantly high levels of unemployment. While this has resulted in a massive amount of job-seekers unsuccessfully searching for work, employers are still reporting a considerable availability of adequate jobs.

Despite the aforementioned, there are high rates of unemployment, yet large numbers of unfilled positions.

Join Yemi Faseun at the City Scope Africa Academy (an initiative of City Scope Africa) this month, via Zoom platform, as he provides a number of suggested remedies that both employers and job-seekers can utilise to address these issues, assists job-seekers in securing employment and many more.

Yemi Faseun is an Experienced HR Professional with over 20 years HR experience, cuts across major sectors of the Nigerian Economy, with proven track records. He has also played a major role in driving Strategic Business Partnering initiatives in the telecommunications sector. He has a passion for developing the younger professionals.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SESSION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuOHxQGSpYM

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