Marketing, Sales and Networking for Career and Business Growth

Today is Saturday and I was supposed to rest. But I have been in 4 sessions and this makes it the 5th one Across social media platforms and this is the new normal. Physical meetings will give way for video conferencing and other forms of meetings. Interviews and Deals Negotiations won’t necessarily happen in a boardroom.


Here is what we should put in mind, the need to be relevant regardless of the changes occurring around you! As a career person, this is regardless of business or work. I think of both as the same, if I am an entrepreneur, I have a product/ services that I am offering to my clients. My end goal is to make profit from the passion packed value add. So, the end goal is to deliver value and be rewarded for it.


Same thing happens with a job seeker.


You get trained, you do certification courses, you rewrite your CVs, you optimize your LinkedIn, you have a blog, you are active on several platforms. The end goal is to get a project, a gig or a job that pays for the services you are rendering.


Until we see ourselves as the value that can make a business more profitable or make the lives of people better we will see ourselves as inferior. Someone asked me today, how much I charge to speak at events, and they were specific about it, both online and offline events. I have had to do several sessions in the last 6 weeks. So, it’s understandable if I get such questions and the reason for this is one simple fact Value Addition.


The topic for today is


Marketing, Sales and Networking for career growth!

How many of us are fully focused here? I have a question to ask us. Here is my question!

Mary’s father has 4 Children and their names are James, John and Jude.

What is the difference between Marketing and Sales? team of people. Let’s start with Marketing:

There is a big difference between the two. As someone who has a product they hope to push. Marketing is very important. If you don’t understand marketing, you will be frustrated as you build your career! I often tell people that your CV, Cover Letter and LinkedIn are your marketing tools. They are supposed to attract buyers to you and if you are not well packaged, You are in big trouble! It’s like going in for a pitch unprepared.


In the last few weeks, I have received over 500 CVs. Some I asked for, the others were just sent. But the big question is? What am I going to do with 400 CVs?

Back to Marketing!


There is a term called TOMA in marketing!

It’s what brands do to stay in your face. There are some brands that you see and remember them for something the moment you stumble upon them.


TOMA means Top of Mind Awareness


They want you to remember them all the time, so they push out ads at every chance they get! This is why Marketing is important! You are a corporation; you want to be in the face of Employers and Opportunities. So, you push yourself out there more in the faces of those who need your services! You want to stay in their mind and create an impression that will lead to usage!!


When you are looked for by people who can and are willing to pay you for your services. Then your Market is making sales. This is where a lot of people get it wrong. We handle our marketing strategy haphazardly. Only if you could take time and build on what you have. If only you can take them and push the value you have to the spaces where you can be seen and invited for a chat. Then you will be making deals and negotiating salaries regularly


The next is Sales, what has sales got to do with me?


Sales is what you do when you finally get the chance to talk about what you can offer.



A lot of us have bad presentation skills. I am talking about written and Oral! Can you address a group of people and sell the value you bring despite the obstacles placed in your way? Can you develop a plan at one take on PowerPoint? Can you put your best foot forward when you are in that corner? I tell people to practice their pitches and prepare for their interviews. Except you are not interested in the offer or you are okay where you are. Then put in work when selling yourself. Sale is as important as marketing if not more important. When marketing gets you an interview.



Sales will get you the job!


Let me dive into Networking !!

My best part and we will take questions!!!

So how can you network with people?

This can be done both online and offline!!


Between 2013 & 2015 I went to 100+ events and the majority of them made me network. Some came easy, because I was the star attraction. Others, not so easy, because we had everyone in the same category. But I learnt to talk to people and interact with them.


When I tell people that I was a very shy person growing up, they never believe me!! I couldn’t even speak to a girl growing up. But All that had to go because I kept finding myself in front of crowds

At every point in my life!

I was thrown out to the crowd!!


I am sure I can address the Queen of England and speak Yoruba at this level. But it didn’t come easy, I worked on it.

Now, it’s easy to network!! Social Media made life easy for us all. If I need to speak with anyone, I look them up and send them a message! If they don’t respond!! I will find a mutual connection to do the introduction!




With a combination of All these three keys You can achieve a lot of things in your career!!! You just have to work on it and put your best foot forward!!!


Session moderated by:

Olowoyo Oluwatomisin

Principal City Scope Africa Academy

Compiled: Solace Ojotule

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