Individual and Corporate Positioning on LinkedIn

As an individual you need to have a complete profile on LinkedIn. I will like you to understand that you are not the one to actually give yourself a pass mark on this. LinkedIn will do it. What do I mean when you register on LinkedIn you get on a fresh page? The fresh page is empty, so you need to start filling up.

Your biodata is needed. When you fill certain information, and you leave the others, it’s not good for you as an individual. Anyone could want to get certain information about you before he or she reaches out, but if the expected information isn’t available, he or she will definitely back out and never get across to you if there are opportunities on ground.


  1. Beginner Level
  2. Intermediate level
  3. Advance Level
  4. Expert level
  5. All Star Profile

How to have an All-Level Profile on Linkedin?

Basic steps you need to take in order to attain all-star level.
Ensure you have a proper headshot photograph, your head as to be raised, as if you are looking and smiling at the rest of the world.

Try as much as possible to magnetize any individual with a captivating headline, for example if you’re a writer, You can simply use this words “Writing to impact humanity”

In order to save our time, I’ll advise that you read up on “how to have all-star profile? “Having attained a star level profile, you need to start showcasing yourself, and how do you go about this?
From the records to get an all-star you must give honest information about yourself because they may do a background check and if the info is falsified then this becomes info transferred to other prospective interested connections.

The first step I’ll always advise is this

Be yourself!

Don’t try to be anyone else on the platform; just ensure you give out what comes from your heart. That got me the first opportunity from UK, imagine when an individual reach out to you that one of the world’s best education advertising agency has disappointed, but she now trusts you are the one to help out! I felt elated! Your content has to from your heart consistently, that will truly help you go on a long way on the platform.

Never try to align with ‘copycat’ mental. Please note the word “captivating “, you have to create content has the capability of attracting your target audience. Please never rate or rank some contents you have created as being ‘stupid ‘, what do I mean by this!

There are the period when you have been actually inspired by something or someone, and you immediately create content for your audience, but something tells you “how on earth will you display such a thing on a global platform, just don’t do it, this will make you appear stupid before numerous humans”, please ignore this voice, I have showcased such content that some people will rank as ‘nonsense’, but guess what, it got me an opportunity!

Just a quick info, right!

We will all be seen by the rest of the world, Africans have a lot to offer, I have been pressing that Africans on Africa soil have access to LinkedIn live video feature, and I am not backing out until I see us all have that, opportunity plenty around the globe ooo, we just need to display well

In creating your LinkedIn business page, you need to have a business profile that truly displays what you do as an organization. Please because of time, I’ll advise that you read up on how to have a well-structured business page.

For business owners, you have to ensure you engage sponsored ads, either to showcase what you and to also market your product(s) or service(s)You can also engage both micro-influencers and influencers to help showcase your business page to your own desired target audience.

Please ensure you also focus on micro-influencers when it comes to displaying your business page to LinkedIn users, why?  Because a focused micro-influencers or micro-influencers growing to become an influencer will consistently engage your target audience, and consistent engagement generates leads.

How effective are carousels usage on LinkedIn especially for content creators and those with the intention of bringing more visuals to their content creation strategy?

Carousels usage is truly good, that I must confess, for example, if you are showcasing how a product was being developed to a targeted audience, it goes a long way in convincing them about the nature of the product.

Thank you everyone for having me here once again, and most especially Oluwatomisin, it’s been a wonderful evening that I must confess.

I leave us with these few words:


Akinbamiro Akinniyi is a Content Marketing Specialist, Digital Marketing Strategist, LinkedIn Consultant, Social Media Manager, and offering other online services to boost businesses and personal brands via worldwide service.

Session moderated by:

Olowoyo Oluwatomisin

Principal, City Scope Africa Academy.

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