CAP DOFFING: Helen is disrupting the IoT space

Helen Okereke is a tech Researcher, software developer and CEO of Flozytech. She holds an advanced diploma degree in Software Engineering from Aptech Computer School, she has previously worked at the National Institute of Information Technology as a database management lecturer, responsible for tutoring students on database server administration. She has also worked in the innovative management services S.R.L as a web developer and Donel Technologies, Enugu as a web developer. She is currently building smart innovations with IOT and exploring the world of data science.

In her interview with us, she describes her journey so far in the technology world and venturing IoT.

1. In your own words, who is Helen?

I am a hardworking and ambitious young Girl. I have always been passionate about building software and automation that help make life very easy for the world. I am very determined and never give up on my focus. I thrive on challenges and constantly set goals for myself, so I have something to strive toward. Most significantly, I am also a natural leader, I tend to take up the leading role in any group setting and I make sure I carry the others along to achieve the group goal.

However, if I am to describe myself in just two words, I would say that I am a very strong and hardworking Lady.

2. What spurred your interest in technology?

Well, ever since I was in secondary school, I loved computers so much. My life dream then was to be a computer wizard, I didn’t know if there was anything like a computer wizard but I just wanted to perform some kind of magic with a computer, I wanted to build amazing things and also to make life a lot easier for the world with a software program.

3. How is the journey so far in technology, perceived to be a male-dominated sector?

Honestly, the journey has not been easy, especially since tech is a male-dominated field. At some point in this journey, I felt discouraged but I still got back up.

When I first started my journey into software engineering it was fun at first, I just loved the fact that I could write code and when I open my browser, I will see an interpretation of the code on my web browser, wow! it was an amazing experience, I felt like I have gone far beyond everyone else and I can do what most people do not even know about.

I thought the journey was just that simple and fun until I kept advancing to face more discouraging moments.

When I was doing my two years advanced diploma in Software Engineering program at APTECH, I was the only girl in my batch at first, I wanted to be discouraged but I took it as more reason why I have to make it in this field. I started studying more and I wanted to do exceptionally well than the guys in my class. I wanted to stand out and be the best which made me work harder and build more projects and I was way ahead of others.

Honestly, when I encounter some great challenges, I would just feel like, other girls are making it in another easy way, why do I have to stress my brain just to make it here and I will feel like giving up but then the power of passion keeps me going. My goal is always to stand out even among the males and prove that I can always do better.

4. Tell us more about your recent innovation.

I decided to start my journey on the internet of things (I.O.T) on September 2021, though the journey has not been easy because I had to overcome my greatest challenge, the fear of electricity. I found myself doing my project connections and learning more about electricity.

As I said I wanted to help other great developers who also share the same vision with me to make life very easy for everyone in the world, so I started my recent innovations. I just thought about something that will help people a lot and I figured out that it would be really fun to use a clap to control my bulb or even speak to my devices and they will understand.

5. Have you had breaks on a project so far, if any?

Yeah, honestly, I have had so many breaks of course every great developer at some point must have taken a break, but my most significant break is the one I had in 2021. I started an I.O.T project and I got stuck somewhere on the project; I just could not figure out the problem with the development then I started getting discouraged. I just didn’t want to write programs again, all I wanted to do was rest, watch movies and think about nothing, I gave myself a break.

For two weeks, I didn’t code or even think about programming, I was watching movies and hanging out but soon I got really exhausted with my life outside coding, I wanted to continue coding and I even started getting more beautiful and creative ideas to turn into a software program, so I came back with more passion and vision.

6. What other things do you plan to do to simplify life?

In case you want to know a little bit about my background, I am from Ebonyi state, Nigeria and I am 19 years old, I started my journey in tech when I was 16 years old. At the moment, I am a certified software engineer and I have had so many professional experiences in this field, I have developed so many websites and applications for companies.

I am very passionate about tech and I still have a lot of dreams to achieve in this field, though I am still on the path to my main career in tech, However, I want to be a robotics engineer and a data scientist.

By: Oluwatomisin Olowoyo

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