Have You Heard About The Kingfisher Birds?

The kingfishers are brightly coloured medium-sized birds. They are found in Africa, Europe, and Oceania in deep forests near small rivers and calm ponds.

These birds are unique forms of birds with pointed bills, short legs, large heads, and stubby tails.

Kingfishers usually feed on fishes while some species have a taste for small invertebrates. They have interesting behaviours that make them attracted to humans.

Kingfisher Bird credit:Unsplash

The kingfisher’s life blends with human culture. It’s believed to be a shy bird. For the people of Borneo, Kingfisher is a sign of a bad omen while Polynesians believe it has control over the sea and waves.

It also has a connection with classical Greek mythology as it’s believed that the first Kingfisher was created by the union of Alcyone and Ceyx. Like humans, the Kingfishers are territorial, some species defend their territories vigorously.

And they are also believed to be monogamous. Some species of these birds are at risk of extinction because of deforestation. If the right measures are not put in place, we might not have kingfishers around in the next few years.

By: Adekunle Adeniyi

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