Miracle, a graduate of Microbiology from Anambra State University is a fast-rising Youth leader, a personal development expert, Amazon bestselling Author, and a Humanitarian.

I would be exploring a mind reforming session on goal setting. Debunking some myths and pointing us in the right direction to begin to set worthy goals that count.

One of the greatest deception of my childhood. Growing up, I loved the game of football. My dad would always make us see it and as a patriotic Nigerian, supporting the super eagles was not an option. One person I loved was J.J Okocha, he played with so much prowess and skill like I had never seen before, I always hailed him whenever he was on the screen.

One day, everyone was surprised when I asked why he wasn’t getting international recognition like Drogba and the rest. They haven’t even thought about it. Then I realized that Okocha wasn’t the problem, we were. You may be tempted to ask how?

Well, we got so comfortable cheering Okocha when he was in his dribbling game, we clapped and cheered him and settled for less. We forgot that the game of football doesn’t reward the most skilled or artistic but those that actually scored goals.

Just like Okocha, many of us have been so comfortable settling for less, we cheer ourselves for artistic displays and in the long run lose the rewards because just like the game of football life only rewards those that smash life’s goals and not the most talented.

I’m not the most skilled or talented golf player, what differentiates me from the rest is a track record of persistence and continually improving on the person I was yesterday

Tiger Woods

I’ll be showing you from my personal experience and wealth of knowledge principles that would set you up to smash goals. So when it’s all been said and done, you’ll receive the rewards for life.

Firstly, I want you to understand that until you gain mastery over yourself, you cannot control any situation. The first person to conquer is YOURSELF.

The subject of goals beyond the fact that it helps you achieve a set task, it enables you to gain mastery over yourself to the point you are able to put your body under subjection.

First step is having a CLEAR PICTURE.

CLARITY is key.

A clear picture of WHO YOU ARE and WHERE YOU ARE HEADED


Ensure the Goal is REALISTIC. Always be realistic

The next thing to note is THE HOW

How do you get to where you are going?

  • Avoid Procrastination
  • Break your goals into sections.
  • Have a to-do list
  • Have an accountability partner
  • Put in hard work.

HOW BADLY DO YOU WANT IT – To what extent are you ready to pay a price to achieve your goals.

Your GOALS have to be TIME BOUND

Have a mind to do more.

Thank You

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