TEMI OLAJIDE is a Certified Child Sleep/Potty Training Consultant and Child Psychologist, and Nigeria’s first Child Sleep Consultant.

She runs Mummyclinicc Global Services, which hosts an online platform that provides strategies and result-driven solutions to the challenges of child-rearing.

I will be Speaking on how failing is a useful condiment in business success.

To be successful, you have to embrace failing.

Failing does not mean you are in failure.

Failure happened when you give up on your goals and dream. I failed but didn’t accept failure.

Failing doesn’t make you a failure. Every successful fellow once experienced failure. Don’t be ashamed of failing towards success

I have been an entrepreneur officially for over 22 years. I was made to proffer solution. I have been a business consultant for almost 15 years. 9years ago, we went into a major business and we hit rock bottom. Coming down when you have achieved a level of success is not very easy. No money came in for roughly 2years. It was the most challenging period in our lives. Failure is giving up on yourself but failing is part of your success journey.

Failure is when you give up on yourself

There are some ideas that you have but it is not ready for that season or time

Certain ideas are not meant for a particular time.

God is interested in our journey not your final result.

What lessons are you learning along your business?

God is testing your processing, lesson,  how many lives are you touching? Men celebrate Success but it is not the main essence of living. It’s a yardstick created by man.

Man looks at the destination to applaud you. The Journey belongs to God.

You need to look closely when you failed at something.

Failing means:

1. Try again if you still means to be in that business.

2. Change your direction. E.g. location, different thing

3. Try something else or use another approach or way.

4. Learn to do it better NEXT TIME.

5. More experience

I have tried several businesses, if you don’t try you can’t know if it work

Your experience give life to other people, it will help others and you likewise

6. You can monetize your story

7. It teaches for GROWTH and CHANGE.

Many people fail in business due to wrong partnership

Life is too short to live in regret

Do you know you can monetize your failure story?

If you don’t fail at something, how can you grow

You will never lose your experience, knowledge

NEVER GIVE UP. Never complain about a state of life.

Always be positive in any challenge you find yourself in

Thank you

Session moderated by

Oluwatomisin Olowoyo, Principal, CSA Academy

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