EMMANUELLA MAYAKI: The African tech kid impacting her generation

Emmanuella Ozioh Mayaki is an 11-year-old Nigerian girl, who is a Software Programming Instructor in the United Kingdom.

She got a job as an after-school-coding Club Instructor at the Southfield Primary School, Coventry England. Emmanuella teaches kids her age how to code.

Emmanuella developed a passion for software programming. At age 9, she had obtained Diplomas in Advanced Powerpoint, Desktop Publishing and Advanced Excel. She also enrolled to study Web Development and Graphic Design at NIIT, as well as Mobile App Development at Tech24.

In 2018, Emmanuella had developed her mobile app, and a website respectively called Emma’s ICT Academy and webiste.

She is skilled in the use of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Jquery, PHP, Wordpress, MySqL, Python, Java and Graphics Design.

She hopes to become a Machine Learning Engineer in the future.

?: techgistafrica.com

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