CHRISTOPHER NSAMBA: The Lifesaver for babies.

Christopher Nsamba, from Uganda, has designed and manufactured a modern baby incubator which has contributed in saving premature lives in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa. The machine is fully automatic, controlled by a touch screen monitor and runs on Windows operating system.

Manufactured and tested in Uganda, this incubator can monitor oxygen in babies’ blood and their heartbeats per minute and show a pulse graph of the heart. If a baby stops breathing, the machine will immediately trigger an alarm system. The machine is also equipped with a wireless device which transmits data so that a nurse, for instance, can monitor the incubator at a distance.

Chris Nsamba’s incubator produces oxygen from its environment and the temperature can be set between 32Β° and 38Β° C. It is also designed with an anti-mosquito system which is controlled by the machine’s computer that automatically humidifies and sanitizes the baby’s environment.

The incubator has saved over a thousand babies after installation in Mukono hospital, Uganda.

He has built the largest baby incubator in the world, which will house ten babies at a time.

Credit: Kumatoo.com
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