PRE 2021 AfPEC 6 (June Academy Class): Leveraging as a Business Professional or Entrepreneur

Last time, we had a class on professional development in a disruptive environment. One of the key points mentioned was development vertically and horizontally. While growing you have to leverage on some things. In June, our guest will be speaking on leverage as a Business Professional or Entrepreneurs. So don’t miss this wonderful session ahead.

Join Femi Emmanuel as he shares insights at City Scope Africa Academy (an initiative of City Scope Africa) on the topic, leveraging in a disruptive environment.

Femi Emmanuel is the CEO of Cha-cha9ja Resources. He is a Certified Public Speaker and a member of the Nigeria Institute of Public Relations. Femi has spoken across 32 states and is also been invited internationally. He is the author of “Make Your Skills Pay Your Bills”.


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